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Replace jack for Sennheiser CX300 and Koss The Plug (wire colors) - Подводные грабли — LiveJournal
March 31st, 2011
12:28 am
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Replace jack for Sennheiser CX300 and Koss The Plug (wire colors)
Цвета проводов в наушниках Sennheiser CX300 и Koss The Plug

Just wanted to share my experiences with the Sennheiser CX300.

I needed to change the plug since I accidentally bought the 2,5 mm type. Purchased a Neutrik plug at Conrad (can’t remember the price but less than 2€ anyway) and a cheap soldering kit.

When cutting the cable, I left about 2cm on the “plug side”. Using a multimeter I was able to determine the function of each cable by checking the resistance between the cable and the plug.

Don’t forget to put on the plug cover before you continue (which I did, lol).

The cable consists of two smaller cables, and each of them contains two more cables (actually lots of small painted wires but I will refer to each of them as “a cable”). Recommend to peel the rubber off with your teeth.

The cables (in my case) were as follows (Sennheiser CX 300):

Cable 1: Red (right channel) and orange (ground).
Cable 2: Green (left channel) and red-green (ground).

To get the paint off, heat the cables up and “wipe” the color off using the soldering iron and whatever surface you are working on (in my case wood). You can see the paint coming off and leaving colored traces on the surface. This takes a few minutes so be patient. Also, leave some color at the “base” – helps you identify the cable by color and prevents short-curcuits.

Now, just put the two ground cables together and then make sure you put each cable correctly on the plug as on the first page in this thread. It is also recommended to check the phones now – before you solder.

My soldering skills are nothing to write home about so anyone should be able to do this.

Also, I repaired my good ’ol Koss The Plug – same procedure (similar cables) but different colors:

Cable 1: Red (right) and orange (ground).
Cable 2: Green (left) and red (ground).

Confusing with two red cables, I know.

Btw, a common problem is that the cover pushes the cables together and may cause short-curcuits. Make sure not to use to much solder and that that the left/right cables don’t touch the ground. Btw, a metal casing is better than plastic for this reason (more stable).

via: http://www.theninjaforums.com/showthread.php?t=3679

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